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Astrology Signs and Their Lucky Fruit
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In Astrology each zodiac sign is associated with a fruit that is considered to be lucky for them. A fruit can change your luck and life by giving you positive and sharp vibes. It enlightens your reflexes and makes you confident. Almost all fruits and vegetables are good for us, but some are specially designed for us according to Astrology. Always eat what you like but also eat what is good and beneficial for your overall growth. It reveals your core points of strength.

Aries: For fiery Aries the best mind relaxing fruits are Lemon and Pear. All fruits suit this zodiac sign but lemon refreshes the body and pear improves enthusiasm and brain sharpness. Citric acid in lemon cleans the system which encourages psychological satisfaction and pear kills the anger and makes them feel calm.

Taurus:  Same with the Taurus, they are real food lovers and live to eat. They like chewing something all the time and so we recommend bananas for them because it improves digestion and makes the liver healthy.

Gemini: The best fruit for Gemini, the twins is mango. Astrologically, mango invokes high energy in them. It boosts their sense of humour and gives them so much happiness, which is their key to success.

Cancer: In Astrology, Cancer is likely to find their luck and health in pineapple as it works wonders. It makes them mercurial and self-reliant. Also, it helps them in organizing things honestly. It makes them spontaneous and quick.

Leo: Orange comes all the way only for you Leo. It will make you calm and you will be admired for your patience and will power. It will make you work harder than usual and help you have an aesthetic bent of mind.

Virgo: Virgo is a very passionate sign and practical too. Coconut works wonderfully for Virgo as it makes them feel rejuvenated, witty, obstinate and practical.

Libra: Cherry makes you imaginative, creative and loyal. It nourishes the imagination and makes you flow freely. Cherry gives you real inner happiness and builds your communication skills.

Scorpio: Black grapes make the Scorpio polite and add a zest to their life. It makes your nature moderate, adds an aesthetic sense and helps you deal with anger issues quickly.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius should go for Strawberries, because they are sweet and everybody loves them! They are red and they represent love. If you look at it closely enough it is shaped like a heart.

Capricorn: Apples are best for your heart and make you feel like a leader. It empowers your actions, promotes goodwill and makes them brave.

Aquarius: Aquarius's best fruit is papaya, which promotes a good sense of humour and sweet nature. It cleans the system and makes the brain healthy.

Pisces: Watermelon is made for Pisces, what a way to celebrate the water sign! Ironically enough, Always sweet and nourishing, but they still have their hard spots (seeds). This fruit is great for keeping water sign Pisces hydrated.

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