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Mercury in 4th House in your Horoscope
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According to the theories of Vedic Astrology and its analysis by Astrologer Guru Vinod Ji, Mercury is the planet of intelligence. When mercury gets placed in the fourth house, the following characteristics get imparted to the native:

  • • The native will like to travel and meet people.

  • • S/he will be well educated and can comprehend well.

  • • S/he will enjoy a nice and dominant position.

  • • This position makes the native change his residence many times.

  • • S/he will have a friendlier mother. Mother will be of literary taste and may be an avid reader.

  • • The domestic life of the native will be happy.

  • • S/he will change his vehicle often.

  • • S/he is not likely to get property or wealth from parents but S/he will be comfortable and well contented.

  • • His/her conduct will be straightforward.

  • • The end time of the native will be peaceful.

  • • His/her maternal uncle may be highly placed somewhere and also be rich.

  • • His/her spouse will be well behaved and well placed too.

  • • His/her father will have a deep and abiding interest in the occult.

Remedies / Suggestions for successful life for the Native:

  • • Clean your teeth with alum every day.

  • • Feed birds and donate a goat.

  • • Don't live in a south facing house.

  • • Distribute medicines of asthma.

Since ancient times, Emerald is regarded as a highly effective Vedic astrological gemstone representing small yet powerful planet Mercury that bears a strong influence over native’s life. It is primarily worn by the natives to strength the weakly placed Mercury in the horoscope and gain its positive influences in life. In western culture, Emerald birthstone is considered lucky for people born in the month of May. It is deeply believed that wearing an Emerald stone benefits the individual by providing good health, wisdom, prosperity, creative skills and blissful marital life.

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