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Mercury in 1st House in your Horoscope
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According to the theories of Vedic Astrology and its analysis by Astrologer Guru Vinod Ji, Mercury is the planet of intelligence, and when located in the first house (ascendant), it imparts a very communicative character to the native. It has a very quick-thinking mind, is very talkative and enjoys writing, reading and anything that contains information and speech. Their natural inquisitiveness and curiosity can lead them to amass huge amounts of information in their minds. Their life is all about learning; they won’t stop until their very last day. They also understand that the speed of their thoughts is something difficult for others to follow, and they usually are three steps ahead in their thinking, making even their insincere strategies frequently succeed. Instead, such wonderful minds as theirs should be used for the enlightenment of the humanity.


If Mercury is connected to the 6th or the 10th house, the individual might follow a scientific occupation, while if it is connected to some planets located in the 9th house, there are possibilities of an academic work, teaching or publishing to be pursued. Their mind is processing data quicker than the average person, and they have a faster tempo of learning. If Mercury is connected to Jupiter with a positive aspect, they can become great comedians. If it is connected with Pluto, they have great discovery abilities; this placement is prominent in detectives and researchers of any kind.

However, If Mercury is adversely aspected, there might exist speech problems such as dyslexia. When Mercury turns retrograde, their speech can become clumsy, bringing them trouble through misunderstandings and other types of miscommunication. As children, they tend to be hyper-energetic, while also capable of doing two or more things at the same time.

When mercury gets placed in the first house, the following characteristics get imparted to the native:

• Charming, calm, friendly, happy, kind, humorous and diplomatic with administrative skill.

• Like riddles, puzzles and everything that keeps their mind alert

• Versatility in character and easily adaptive to most situations

• Sharp, witty, intelligent and having monopoly over discussions and debates

• Have a short and quick body, small eyes and an expressive face.

• Will have a long and satisfying marital life with a beautiful spouse

• Will master in several languages and subjects in depth particularly astrology, engineering, mathematics, occult sciences etc.

• Will have well-developed business acumen.

• The native lives away from the place of his birth.

• Mother will be prosperous and of religious conduct and the native's father will be nicely placed in life.

• He receives favor from the government and his daughters have royal and luxurious lives.

• The native will be adept in the art of influencing others

• Important: In a female's chart, Mercury in the first house may indicate that her husband may not be able to satisfy her sexually.

However, there will be some weaknesses which the native might have to experience:

• Might even face flak for speaking your mind out very clearly.

• Generally not comfortable with lengthy discussions and would rather wrap things up with a point, instead of flirting about.

• Inability to keep secrets.

• Not allowing others to express themselves. This is not done on purpose; the native just forgets to stop talking.

Remedies / Suggestions for successful life for the Native:

• Keep yourself away from the things of green colour and from its sisters in law.

• Avoid consumption of meat, eggs and liquor.

• Business that requires your sitting at one place would be more beneficial than the one that requires running around.

• Think things twice before you get going. This will make you someone others look up to.


Since ancient times, Emerald is regarded as a highly effective Vedic astrological gemstone representing small yet powerful planet Mercury that bears a strong influence over native’s life. It is primarily worn by the natives to strength the weakly placed Mercury in the horoscope and gain its positive influences in life. In western culture, Emerald birthstone is considered lucky for people born in the month of May. 
It is deeply believed that wearing an Emerald stone benefits the individual by providing good health, wisdom, prosperity, creative skills and blissful marital life.


Usually when Mercury is present in 1st house of chart, an emerald gemstone can be worn to gain wisdom, high adaptability and mental strength. It benefits the wearer in gaining good learning capacity and presentations skills. It also helps the native to attain flexible approach towards situations to make good profit.

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