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Kali Mantra for Karya siddhi
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The below Kali Mantra is excellent for achieving success at any endeavor and usually for Karya Siddhi (getting work done).
Also it is important to know that Kali mantras have the tendency pre pone karmic events for a person, meaning these mantra usually make us to face our karma much earlier than we are supposed to face it, there by washes away our accumulated sins.
The mantra that I’m going to is a very popular one but the difference here that I will mention the method to energize this mantra effectively. To energize, the mantra needs to be chanted 100000 times plus 10000 times in one days times (takes about 12 hrs of chanting). The chanting should start in the night time preferably.
Post energizing chant 10000 times daily (takes 1 hr) or a minimum of 1000 times (takes 6-7 mins) daily. The person will experience changes within 10 – 30 days of completing this sadhana.
The Mantra is a single syllable letter KREEM, it has been mentioned in the texts that this can grant the aspirants supernatural powers if practiced regularly.
Anyone can use this mantra for Karya siddhi and protection from evil forces, spirits etc. Having purity of thought is essential for Kali sadhanas and use the gifts for good causes only.     

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