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Lakshmi Narasimha Mantra for removing problems
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I'm now presenting you all, one of the best sadhana's that can overcome any problems in life. This sadhana(practice) helps in removing negativity and calamities and also promotes general happiness.
Lord Narasimha swamy is one of the fiercest gods that there is and he is best when it comes to protecting his devotees. Hence this sadhana is very useful as a protective shield all that is problematic in life.
So chant the below mantra a minimum of 1000 times a day and you can see the effects in 3 months. It is important that you do not break the process as the effectiveness reduces with breaks in the sadhana.
Preferable have vegetarian food otherwise chant the below mantra in the morning after bath and before having food. The reason to avoid meat is simple as meat tends to dull the body. But for mantra sadhana mind and body needs to be active with sattvic (good) thoughts.
There are 2 mantras given below use anyone. By experience the second one in the brackets has worked for me.
Asya Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Maha Mantrasya
Brahman Rishi, Pankthi  Chanda , Narasimha Devata
Mama Abista siddyarte jape viniyogah
(Here you are stating the creator for this mantra with other details and why this japa is taken up)
Aam Angustaabhyaam Namah                                                Hridayaaya Namah
Hrim Tarjanibhyaam Namah                                                    Shriase Svaha
Kshraum Madhyamaabhyaam Namah                                    ShikhayeVashat
Krom Anamikaabhyaam Namah                                             Kavachaya Hoom
Hum Kanishthikabhyaam Namah                                           Netratrayaya Voshat
Phat Karatal-karprashtaabhyaam Namah                                Astraayaya Phat
Bhur Bhuvasuvarom Iti Dikbandhaha
I invoke lord Nrsimha who has very strong and fiery teeth, His tongue is taking round due to to annoy, He has opened his face, He has 3 eyes i.e. Soma, Surya and Fire. From leg to navel he is red and upwards he is white. He has opened the body of the of Raksasa He has wheel, conch, Pasha Ankusha, Kulisha and Gada weapons. He is decorated by various gems
Om Aam Hrim Kshraum Krom Hum Phat (other source has it as “Om Hrim Kshraum Krom Hum Phat”)
OM aaM hrIM kShrauM kroM hUM phaT
600,000 Japas, and 6000 Ahutis to fire sacrifice and just chat extra 6000 mantra.
Most potent mantra when a person is facing calamities and fierce problem. This gives everything to the sadhak. It even cure Graha pida (bed planetary influences) and wards off Black magic effective. Gaining huge wealth, longevity etc. 

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