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Durga Puja According to Your Zodiac Sign
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Devotees worship the deity in his or her own way during Navratri. Whatsoever the method is, the ultimate aim to worship the Goddess is to please her and receive her blessings. But, if you perform the Pooja according to your respective 'Rashi', you will get extraordinary blessings of the deity. Along with this, you will be free from any kind of miseries and hard times. So let's know that worshipping which form of the deity in what manner will reap you maximum benefits and blessings.

Durga Puja for Aries

About Durga Puja for Aries

People belonging to Aries should worship 'Skanda Mata'. The devotees belonging to the sign Aries must recite 'Durga Chalisa and Durga Saptshati' during all the nine days of Navratri.

Durga Puja for Taurus

About Durga Puja for Taurus

Devotees of Taurus zodiac sign should worship 'Mahagauri' and recite the 'Lalita Sahasra' during Pooja. Reciting this will remove the obstacles coming in the way of marriage and you will get an excellent life partner.

Durga Puja for Gemini

About Durga Puja for Gemini

Devotees of Gemini zodiac should worship the 'Brahmacharini'. You should install the 'Devi Yantra' and recite the 'Tara Kavach' on daily basis. Doing so will impart wisdom and all the hurdles coming in your way toward knowledge will be removed.

Durga Puja for Cancer

About Durga Puja for Cancer

The devotees of Cancer sign should worship Goddess 'Shailputri'. You should recite the 'Lakshmi Sahasranama' daily. Doing so will definitely remove all kinds of fear from you.

Durga Puja for Leo

About Durga Puja for Leo

Devotees of Leo sign should worship Goddess' Kushmanda'. You should chant the Durga mantras while performing Puja. This will remove the fear of evil and demonic forces.

Durga Puja for Virgo

About Durga Puja for Virgo

People belonging to this 'Rashi' should worship Goddess' Brahmacharini'. You should chant the 'Laxmi mantra' in the given time frame. This will impart you immense wisdom and will remove all the hurdles that have blocked your way of receiving knowledge.

Durga Puja for Libra

About Durga Puja for Libra

People of Libra zodiac sign should worship 'Mahagauri'. You should recite the 'Kali Chalisa' or first chapter of 'Durga Saptshati'. This will remove all the hurdles in marriage.

Durga Puja for Scorpio

About Durga Puja for Scorpio

Worshipping Goddess 'Skanda Mata' will give excellent results to the devotees belonging to the zodiac Scorpio. You should recite 'Durga Saptshati' during Navratri.

Durga Puja for Sagittarius

About Durga Puja for Sagittarius

Devotees of Sagittarius sign should worship 'Maa Chandraghanta'. Perform Pooja as per the described methods in scriptures. This will remove all the fears and obstacles coming in your way.

Durga Puja for Capricorn

About Durga Puja for Capricorn

Devotees of Capricorn sign should worship 'Devi Kaalratri'. Along with this, you should chant the 'Navarna Mantra'. This will remove fear of enemy, ignorance, natural disasters and fear of fire.

Durga Puja for Aquarius

About Durga Puja for Aquarius

Devotees belonging to the sign Aquarius should worship 'Devi Kaalratri'. You should recite the 'Devi Kavach'. Worshipping this form of deity removes ignorance and fear of natural disasters.

Durga Puja for Pisces

About Durga Puja for Pisces

Devotees of Pisces sign should worship 'Maa Chandraghanta'. You should chant the 'Baglamukhi Mantra' with 'Haridra or Haldi' rosary (mala). This will remove all the fears and hurdles.

Worshipping the deity in the above prescribed manner is very fruitful and known to give excellent results. To receive the other stated benefits, devotees can also perform Pooja of other Goddesses as stated above in this article.

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