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Iolite Gemstone Top Ten Benefits
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1) Some people report that the Iolite is as powerful in its results and benefits like the Blue Sapphire. It is the Gem that is the favourite of the spouse of Lord Saturn and hence also referred to as Shanipriya- Literally meaning loved by Lord Saturn.

2) It is the Gemstone of Higher ideals, values, knowledge, realization and higher consciousness as it directly impacts the crown chakra.

3) It is a Gemstone that is used in Insomnia. It is a positive impact on the sleep cycle, biorhythm and improves the quality of rest and sleep.

4) For those inclined towards occult, astral travel, out of body experiences Iolite Gemstone is very helpful as it fine tunes the intuition and heightens the perceptive powers.

5) It provides protection from diseases boosts immunity and give strength to one Aura and auric field.


6) It balances the male-female energies also known as Yin and Yang energies. It removes nervousness and increases objectivity in an Individual.

7) Iolite directs one to stability, independence and resolve.

8) It also aids in de-addiction and alcoholism and removes toxins from key energy centres of the body. It also helps in regeneration of the liver.

9) It is a very good gemstone for those involved in intense physical activity such as sportsmen and athletes.

10) Iolite has the healing ability to  cure sore throat, varicose veins, eruptions and blisters

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