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Benefits of Wearing Diamond
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Diamond  is the astrological gemstone of the Venus or Shukra Graha as known in Vedic Astrology. Diamond is an allotrope of Carbon and has hardness of 10 on the Mohr’s Scale. It has a Specific Gravity of 3.52 and is colorless.Diamond is known as Vajra or the one that is indestructible  in sanskrit , Heera  in Hindi and Diamond in English

Diamond is essentially an allotrope of Carbon (C) with traces of other minerals which impart it the colors other than white. Diamond are available in different shades from white to yellow , blue , pink , green , black and brown. Each of these  colors have different applications as per vedic recommendation of gemstones.

Brahmin Varna - Diamonds that are completely whitish  in color belong to the Brahmin Varna and these are the ones that are most prized especially if they have a slightly bluish tint.They represent the color of conch shell or the tusk of an elephant. These Diamonds are suitable to be worn by those who are engaged in teaching , consultations and other spiritual practices. Wearing such white colored Diamonds makes the person very peaceful in nature and gives spiritual inclinations.Normally these diamonds are classified as colorless and are graded D,E & F by the GIA.

Kshatriya Varna – Diamonds that have a reddish tint  in color  are known as Kshatriya Diamonds. These gems should be worn by those who seek power and position as wearing such gems gives administrative powers. These gems should be worn by people engaged in politics,  administration , bureaucracy and by those who occupy high positions.But extreme caution should be exercised with such gems as diamonds with red tint are extremely dangerous and adqeuate testing must be done before wearing them next to the skin.

Vaishya Varna - Diamonds that are  yellow in color or white in color with yellowish tint are the Vaishaya varna. These gems  are suited for those involved in trade , business  and those who are self-employed and own some kind of business or organization. These kind of Diamonds should be worn by people who only seek to amass wealth and are primarily engaged with finances, loans, mortgages and insurance.Such gems have moderately low prices and are classfied as color grades from G-P by the GIA depeding on the amount of yellow shade present in them.


Shudra Varna -  Diamonds that are black  in color with no radiance or luster are known as shudra varna and these gems are the cheapest amongst all the Diamonds. Such gems are worn by those who are engaged in some kind of service or to people who offer their services and talents on a professional basis. They must be worn by people working in financial institutions. Wearing such Diamonds are very helpful for those who seek employment and require stability in life.These gems can be easily worn by professional musicians , dancers , singers ,composers and all those who are related to the entertainment sector.

Diamond gemstone should be free from blemishes such as dark spots , webs , sandy appearance , lack of luster and must not have extremities of color. Such gems fail to effectively transmit the cosmic radiation of Venus and bring about undesirable results. Diamonds should be free from any defects and must have uniform color , good lustre , acceptable transparency and must be appealing to the eye. A minimum of 0.25 carat is enough to be worn as per astrological reasons and the gemstone must be set preferably in silver.A gemstone of 0.25-0.50  carats is good and a Diamond  of 1-1.50 carats is most advisable and sought after. Since Diamond  is a cold gemstone and governs the kapha or water element in the body ,silver is the best metal to effectively transmit the energy of the gemstone.

Diamonds are mined in South Africa , India , Tanzania, USA, Canada and Russia. High quality Diamonds are rare and only gems  that are not synthetic or man-made should be worn for astrological purposes .Opal gemstone is a very potent substitute for diamond and may be worn for astrological purposes. High quality, certified , natural and authentic Opal Gemstones are most auspicious.

Diamond should always be worn within 1 hour of sunrise on Friday on the index finger of the right hand. Alternatively it may also be worn on the 4th or little finger if such yogas exist within the horoscope.Diamond gemstone must always be worn if  Venus is favorable or benefic in the chart and is either exalted or placed in own signs or great friend sign and occupies a favorable navamsa. When such conditions exist , wearing a Diamond grants immediate favors and is very helpful.

On the contrary when Venus  is combust or occupies debilitation / great enemy navamsa or is conjunct Sun / Moon / Ketu , deviod of rashmis  then donation of Diamond  greatly enhances the prospects of native and serves him good.

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