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What Is the use of Alexandrite?
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  • Overview

    Alexandrite's uses are almost as versatile as its appearance. This gemstone, which changes from green to red in different lights, is prized even in its synthetic form for its durability and beauty.
  • Jewelry

    Because it reflected the colors of tsarist Russia, alexandrite was the favorite stone of the country's royalty and aristocrats in the 1800s. Its popularity in jewelry continues today.

  • Birthstone

    Alexandrite is the alternative to pearl as June's birthstone. It's also associated with the zodiac sign Gemini for its color-shifting properties.
  • Anniversaries

    Alexandrite symbolizes 55 years of marriage. Because of its high price and scarcity, green tourmaline or smoky quartz sometimes stand in for alexandrite.
  • Luck

    Alexandrite is considered a charm for good luck and healing. It's supposed to heighten the wearer's intuition and self-esteem, as well as inspire creativity and imagination.

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