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What Is Nadi Dosha and what are its Remedies?
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What Is Nadi Dosha?

The day and time a person is born at determine the Birth Star of the person. Each Birth Star is divided into three nadis:

    Aadi or first nadi
    Madhya or middle nadi
    and Antar or last nadi

For horoscopes to match and the couple remain cordial with each other, they should be born in different nadis. If born in the same nadi, this will cause nadi dosha and difficulties in marital relationship.

So, you may be left wondering why nadi dosha is this notorious and powerful that the love that should blossom between couples is never meant to be. The sweet little things of give and take between them never manifest

Like Poles Repel, Unlike Poles Attract

Born of the same nadi, marrying and thus, possessing nadi dosha, it happens to be that both partners exhibit the same tendencies. Both may be of angry disposition or both lazy or both terrible liars. And such like attributes repel and strain the relationship. They may often end up arguing if both are of the same short-tempered nature.

Like Poles Repel, Unlike Poles Attract

Yes. In some situations, people of the same nadis can marry and have a harmonious relationship. These situations arise when the bride and groom have:

    Different Birth Stars
    The same Birth Star, but different Houses
    Same Birth Stars and House, but different padas (each star is sub-divided into four quarters or padas

What You Need to Do for a Nadi Dosha Nivarana or Remedy

If people of the same nadi want to get married, then the nadi nivarana or remedial rituals must be performed. This includes reciting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra the prescribed number of times and donating to the Vedic priest cloth, some grains, and a cow.

Once this ritual has been completed, the couple can be married even if they are of the same nadis and look forward to a rewarding and happy married life!

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